Creating a memorable experience starts with a conversation.

Ampersand design is a strategic design studio helping people make better businesses. With the help of intelligent design, we enable companies to solve complex challenges, effectively communicate their stories and grow responsibly.

We work with industry leaders to learn about their process. What makes them excel? Where do they lack? With the right set of questions, we create focused solutions that build on their strengths and challenge their weaknesses.

Digital Design

Ampersand is a digital design studio. Our expertise is in rendering well researched & unique end-to-end solutions that often take the shape of – but are not limited to – apps, websites, exhibitions, branding and publications.

We follow industry standard methodologies in our projects with integrated processes for client reviews. Our clients span across industries and scale, from large insurance companies to small retail firms, we work with flexibility across all domains.


Our team of strategic experts works with ambitious leaders to create resilient, appropriate and memorable brands.

Our objective is to understand the context of our clients and the environment that surrounds their brands. This contextual underpinning helps us develop communicational tools and strategies while being conscious of their implications.