Sarita Handa


“I wore traditional Indian clothes for a majority of my life. One day I decided to reinvent myself. I began wearing contemporary western clothes. I want my brand to reflect this; to be unafraid of change.”

Sarita Handa began as a textile export house and, over the last 25 years, has gradually become a global leader in luxury home furnishings. Since its inception, the brand has relied on a type-only logo for communication.

Sarita Handa contacted us to create a memorable logo mark for the brand. We were directly inspired by the owner, Sarita Handa, and her strength as an individual. We chose to represent her resilience with strong vertical shapes.

As explained by Michael Beirut (Partner at Pentagram): if you see Godzilla’s eye through a window, it’s enough to estimate the size of his gigantic body. A cropped SH suggests the full scale of the letter-forms – a representation of the magnitude and impact of the Sarita Handa brand.

A majority of Sarita Handa’s business stems from her B2B export house. The scale of the business, invisible to the retail customer, is in the hidden portion of her initials.

The 25th anniversary of the brand was held at Bikaner House, New Delhi. Above, the event poster, using the newly designed logo.

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Brand Identity

Project Mangaer

Deepti Sahijpal Gohri


Anannya Gogoi, Subahlakshmi Chandra, Vikramaditya Sharma

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