Ashoka University


The Timeline Exhibition at the entrance hall of Ashoka University traces the foundation of the university and its growth since its inception.

In 2016, a few of India’s leading entrepreneurs, Ashish Dhawan, Vineet Gupta, Sanjeev Bikhchandani and Pramath Raj Sinha came together with a passion to establish a university that would be the benchmark for excellence in Indian higher education.

The exhibition traces the achievements and narratives of the university. With the help of iconography, the accomplishments of each colour coded year are divided into six categories. Namely: Academic Partnerships, Certificates, Construction, Events, Student Life and Academic Programs. This gives the viewer the flexibility to read different story threads within the larger narrative.

Project Category

Space Design

Project Mangaer

Deepti Sahijpal Gohri, Sagar Mittal


Abhishek Mohapatra, Anna Chakravorty, Subahlakshmi Chandra, Vikramaditya Sharma

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