TruMe is a kiosk with the goal of making access management easier. With the help of a mobile application, a visitor can authenticate his/her identity using their Adhaar Card information (Indian Identification Card). Inside a TruMe secure premise, a user receives a barcode on the application and enters the premise by scanning it. A fingerprint scanner is available for additional security.

By using TruMe at airports, offices, sports arenas etc. visitors can shave off hours of their precious time by avoiding long queues. Moreover, TruMe provides companies with a secure admin platform to help analyze and manage their visitor access.

We were approached by Mobicomodo, to produce a website introducing TruMe to the world. By designing surreal moving illustrations, we created a memorable brand language that differentiated TruMe from other access management solutions. Through the animations, we aimed to simplify the understanding of how TruMe works and where it can be used.

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Apps & Websites


Shonali Ahooja, Vikramaditya Sharma

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