Max Life Insurance


The Information Technology (IT) team at Max Life Insurance launches numerous projects in a single financial year and measure the performance of these initiatives on a quarterly basis. How do you visualise the progress of these projects to a team of a 100 in a simple and cost-effective way?

We worked on creating a physical graph that maps the performance of all IT project against a monthly timeline. Brightly coloured dowels (4 colours for each quarter) can be easily plotted into the holes of the graph. A thread running through the small notches present at the top of the dowel highlights the upward or downward trajectory of the progress of the project. We have also provided the team with acrylic strips that can be attached to the dowels. These labels can be written on with an ink marker to indicate the name of the project and are also reusable as they are made of gloss acrylic.

Project Category

Space Design

Project Mangaer

Sagar Mittal


Anna Chakravorty, Subahlakshmi Chandra, Vikramaditya Sharma

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