Turmeric & Tonic


Turmeric & Tonic (T&T) is an Indian restaurant and bar by Chef Kunal Kapur. Drawing on experiences and techniques encountered on his travels, Turmeric & Tonic presents familiar cuisine with a dash of discovery.

For T&T Kunal Kapur uses native Indian ingredients to reimagine flavours with the fusion of modern and Indian techniques. Through a kitchen setting, co-cooking space and pantry entrance, the restaurant brings the chefs and their culinary magic right to the table.

The brand aims to be contemporary and chic, while being globally recognisable as Indian.

The four brush strokes of the Turmeric & Tonic logo are subtle reminders of the human handprint behind a fine meal, referencing the restaurant’s four zones: drops spilled while preparing a cocktail behind the bar; a smudge of charcoal from the oven; a fingertip run through the last of the sauce on the plate; and a stroke of the chef’s iconic palette knife while plating in the kitchen inspired dining zone.

Project Category

Brand Identity


Anannya Gogoi, Vikramaditya Sharma

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